Long Ride Home

Hey guys.. I just posted a cover I recorded of one of my favorite songs, Long Ride Home, by Patty Griffin.. I freaking love love this song.  Hope you guys dig my version of things and that you're having an awesome night/morning whichever it may be.  Thanks for all the love as always.

Jake X  

Scraps of a love letter and such

(found this little piece of spoken word poetry-ish writing in my song book from when I was in Berlin writing the 2nd Common Linnets record) 

I had succumb to the habits of loving not the now but the was and will be, I was a captive to the worries of what could come and what’s long past. precious little it seemed had been able to take me so far from the horrible about which hung my heart to so near the wisdom, joy, and forgiveness that is the tolerance to pardon myself for mistakes that I am damned to too often make again and again. 

But in her I found absolute resolve of the heart. Disquiet and worries cease to exist, let alone matter.  And when your heart is courageous enough to speak a truth that you never knew it could, and when your dreams are no longer squandered but consumed by her, you scrawl it on every daybreak. Because She has become the measure of what is true and what is beautiful. She has become the only light of love you wish to ever know.

Starlight and the dance of dust through the sunlight in the high ceilings of Fall are yet quiet delicacies unto that such as hers.  one might imagine that time itself would turn it’s back if only for a moment to allow such beauty to stay. 


Goedemorgen all you Groningenians! Beautiful blue sky here in Holland this morning.. I know it's been a bit since I've written here so I hope everyone had a happy holiday and kick arse New Years with some kisses up in there! 

Writing to you guys from a little bungalow nestled in Groningen in the midst of the Eurosonic music festival.  It's been pretty radical the past few days getting to share the stage and some champagne with awesome folks like the Ting Tings and Hozier. Can't thank everyone enough for voting for The Common Linnets for Public Choice! Kinda love all you guys a ton. 

THRILLED to be playing Stadsschouwburg Groningen this evenin, so if you happen to be one of the lucky ones in this fair city tonight, you should slide on by around midnight to see myself and the Common Linnets melt some faces with our folkness :) 

I've got some nifty plans for this year and can't wait to share new songs and videos with you guys.  So please stay tuned and keep happy and i'll see you very soon! Thank you folks for ALL the sweet emails, they really make my day.

With hugs and love for days and days


Thursday hang day

Hello Hello,

I'm writing from the Linnets cave (cozy upstairs studio abode). Matt and JB are working on some beautiful music stuff while I drink coffee and register songs.  Overall pretty awesome grey day here in Holland.  It's kind of a crazy ride, a tour of Europe and possible Belgium french fry commercials... check out the video clip to see a little bit of the road! 

X jake 

Week 2

Officially back in Europe for a while! So completely excited for everything to come..

Been a pretty stacked past few days getting everything shaped up for tour w/ The Linnets. I'm currently somewhere close by some beautiful waterfront in Hilversum writing this and gorging myself with cashews. Tons of exciting things coming soon, and hopefully some new music for you guys! for now check out the 52 second video that is "Week 2"! 

-jake X 

Video 1 - Europe tour

hey guys!  Planning to post tons of behind the scenes videos and snippets from the upcoming tour through Europe with the Common Linnets! Stay posted!   @jetheridgemusic 

Hai Holland

It's 1:40am in Holland and things are radical.  So many exciting things coming up so soon with the Common Linnets.. Can't wait to get out and see all you guys for the European tour! It's going to be an amazing time.

For those of you folks who didn't get a chance to tune into RTL LateNight this past Friday we played the new single "Give Me A Reason" AND sang a little piece of one of our newest songs "Proud".  You should check it out if you get the time :)



Seems I'm spending more and more time these days writing all kinds of songs with all types of pretty cool people.  It's an incredibly lucky place I find myself.  But looking back I think that was one of my biggest anxieties for my first years in Nashville.. cowriting. 

Coffee and co-write with my good friends  The Saint Johns  (Jordan Meredith & Louis Johnson) and  Wes Harllee  

Coffee and co-write with my good friends The Saint Johns (Jordan Meredith & Louis Johnson) and Wes Harllee 

Most days its all about the willingness to sound stupid.  Sometimes not one of my actual words or phrases that I throw out there will be put into a song BUT these ideas spark something in another writer and can lead to a cool hook or melody.  Somedays I'm the 'creator' and other days I sift through and 'edit' the ideas of others.  Developing a since of trust with another writer can definitely help but so many times you're thrown into the lions den with one or two completely new faces and expected to churn a new awesome song..  So.. like all wonderful things in life, take joy in taking chances and be unafraid to do so.  Boom.

Studio hangs with Ms  Rebecca Roubion

Studio hangs with Ms Rebecca Roubion


goodmorning and goodnight

So here goes the brief beginnings of a random blog about writing and touring and friends.

I've got this thing I do where I'm in bed asleep but can't stop thinking about tasks and ideas and sometimes those things turn into a bit of a headache.  Eventually I turn on the bedside lamp, sit indian style on the floor with my notebook and guitar and hash it out. 

Tonight's one of those things.

Been jammin on "I spy" by Mikael Paskalev and "Annie" by JohnnySwim to get a few ideas.  If you haven't, check these tunes out.  

It's 1 AM here in Nashville and i'm writing a folk song about missing somebody.  Hope whether you're waking up or passing out that you're doing good.