Scraps of a love letter and such

(found this little piece of spoken word poetry-ish writing in my song book from when I was in Berlin writing the 2nd Common Linnets record) 

I had succumb to the habits of loving not the now but the was and will be, I was a captive to the worries of what could come and what’s long past. precious little it seemed had been able to take me so far from the horrible about which hung my heart to so near the wisdom, joy, and forgiveness that is the tolerance to pardon myself for mistakes that I am damned to too often make again and again. 

But in her I found absolute resolve of the heart. Disquiet and worries cease to exist, let alone matter.  And when your heart is courageous enough to speak a truth that you never knew it could, and when your dreams are no longer squandered but consumed by her, you scrawl it on every daybreak. Because She has become the measure of what is true and what is beautiful. She has become the only light of love you wish to ever know.

Starlight and the dance of dust through the sunlight in the high ceilings of Fall are yet quiet delicacies unto that such as hers.  one might imagine that time itself would turn it’s back if only for a moment to allow such beauty to stay.