Songwriting: SohoWaltz

The song SoHo Waltz was written by Matthew Crosby, JB Meijers, Ilse DeLange, and myself at the Soho House in Berlin, Germany on January 6th, 2015. 

But the song BEGAN on December 3rd the previous year in a cozy little piano room in an east Nashville Studio.

I’d been trying to come up with a few different song ideas for contestants of The Voice of Holland and mainly when I'm writing for other artists it’s helpful to begin with little pieces and parts that can contribute to a cool idea that I wouldn't normally write.  I wrote a first verse and finished the chorus with the line “No you can’t save everything, no you can’t rewind the clock, cause not everything, no not every pain stops”. 

Whatever break we’d taken in the studio that day being over, the song idea was pushed aside for the day and shortly thereafter forgotten until the Berlin writing trip.  

Usually with co-writes its really helpful if someone has a small idea already started, it’s a good greaser.  I rummaged all through my songbook for any some thing half decent and found that line again.  Of the entire idea, that’s the only line that we took and we worked from there to what is now “Soho Waltz”.  We wrote something that talks about needing help sometimes, not everything can be fixed all on your own.  In my original Idea the song was more about telling someone that it was going to be okay and in the end Soho Waltz keeps that theme but also becomes somewhat more of a narrative about a heartbroken girl.  

That’s the best part about cowriting, little lost ideas become shared works, and these cowritten songs are always cool because it’s an idea that you had and saw and tried to bring forth and by the end of the cowrite it’s something a little different,changed and still the same.  Everyone’s perspective of the lyric and melody and emotion are alive in the work. 

But not to be too proud of ourselves haha we couldn’t think of a suitable title that we all liked.. so we named it after the hotel in which it was conceived and the meter in which it was written. Soho Waltz.