Hey guys, please check out this song 'Evermore' that I wrote with my friends Emily Hackett and Mikey Reaves a few months ago. Just recorded this version of it in my bedroom and I hope you dig it. Please help share it if you do! As always, thank you so much for taking the time to listen. Hope you're having an awesome day. 


Hey guys! It's Tuesday night here in LA and I leave for Amsterdam tomorrow. I haven't been home in about 4 months and it's been so awesome.... and not awesome all at once haha. The road and home are both awesome.

I've been writing all week here with some really cool people and i'm excited for you to hear some of the new stuff. FOR NOW I just released a song, "What You Want To", that premiered on PrettyLittleLiars last week.  It's a really simple song but one that I totally dig, and it's incredibly new.  I wrote it in Nashville with Jon Howard and Zac Farro just before leaving town to tour Europe.

We definitely had a vibe in the room that day for the song, I'd just finished watching the show "Flaked" and the main character in that show and his story had a lot to do with my mindset for the song. I kinda had this character's choices and things in my mind and we came up with What You Want To. A song about realizing that people, for worse or better, sometimes don't change.  We recorded the song that day and Zac brought a Melodion or Melodica... I have tried to remember the name of this synth keyboard thing he had and I googled too but I cannot find it anywhere.. but he had a synth and I thought it was funny that this random cool instrument he brought to the write ended up being a real noticeable piece of the recording. If you have a second you should definitely give a listen to Zac's new stuff HERE

I feel pretty lucky to have gotten so much love for that song recently from all of you and I really appreciate it! Keep a lookout for new shtuff and videos and general amazingness soon. Thanks for reading this :) 

Tree Minutes

Hello hello, hope you guys are having a pretty cool Wednesday.  Be sure to check out the latest video blip from the road if you get a moment! It's a bit all over the place so i apologize in advance for that :) 

Also, i'm currently listening to a song called "Sugar" by Dan Wilson. Pretty cool track for anyone interested! 

Songwriting: SohoWaltz

The song SoHo Waltz was written by Matthew Crosby, JB Meijers, Ilse DeLange, and myself at the Soho House in Berlin, Germany on January 6th, 2015. 

But the song BEGAN on December 3rd the previous year in a cozy little piano room in an east Nashville Studio.

I’d been trying to come up with a few different song ideas for contestants of The Voice of Holland and mainly when I'm writing for other artists it’s helpful to begin with little pieces and parts that can contribute to a cool idea that I wouldn't normally write.  I wrote a first verse and finished the chorus with the line “No you can’t save everything, no you can’t rewind the clock, cause not everything, no not every pain stops”. 

Whatever break we’d taken in the studio that day being over, the song idea was pushed aside for the day and shortly thereafter forgotten until the Berlin writing trip.  

Usually with co-writes its really helpful if someone has a small idea already started, it’s a good greaser.  I rummaged all through my songbook for any some thing half decent and found that line again.  Of the entire idea, that’s the only line that we took and we worked from there to what is now “Soho Waltz”.  We wrote something that talks about needing help sometimes, not everything can be fixed all on your own.  In my original Idea the song was more about telling someone that it was going to be okay and in the end Soho Waltz keeps that theme but also becomes somewhat more of a narrative about a heartbroken girl.  

That’s the best part about cowriting, little lost ideas become shared works, and these cowritten songs are always cool because it’s an idea that you had and saw and tried to bring forth and by the end of the cowrite it’s something a little different,changed and still the same.  Everyone’s perspective of the lyric and melody and emotion are alive in the work. 

But not to be too proud of ourselves haha we couldn’t think of a suitable title that we all liked.. so we named it after the hotel in which it was conceived and the meter in which it was written. Soho Waltz. 

Hello from Holland

Hey guys! Been about a month since i've written here so apologies for the delay.  I'm currently drinking some coffee from an awesome "espresso patronum" homemade mug a sweet fan gave me.  ESPRESSOOOO PATRONUM! 

it's pretty spectacular. 

We've been keeping pretty busy on this side of the world with a few shows so far in the Netherlands and Germany.  Tomorrow we'll be at the Paradiso in Amsterdam so it should be a pretty incredible time! Can't wait to see some of you folks there. For now i've just uploaded a new vlog to my Youtube Channel so please if you have a moment, check it out :) and SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! Thank you guys a ton for reading and for being awesome.  Talk again soon!


Record Release

Here's a little tiny look into the record release day for the new Common Linnet's record! 

Halifax and the Sonic Temple

Flew into Halifax day before yesterday to play a few Common Linnets shows with Kiefer Sutherland and Dwight Yoakam, It's been great so far.  My first time in this city and I love it, Been staying up way too late..  Last night ended with a piece of ham and sausage pizza and half a liter of chocolate milk.. earlier this morning we went in to record a brand new acoustic track at the Sonic Temple. Busy. Should have a little video of our shenanigans up very shortly, for now, here are a FEW pics :) 


Cabbage and the BlueBird

Tonight's show at the Bluebird cafe was amazing... can't thank everyone enough for coming out and singing with us. Beautiful Beautiful. 

Everyone on the Couch!

Filmed the EPK for the TheCommonLinnets today in Wisseloord Studios in Holland. Obviously we hated everything about today and had absolutely no fun at all. NONE. Hope everyone watching this is having a beautiful day and that you'll SUBSCRIBE :) 

Matthew's Afraid of Bicycles

Yesterday was pretty awesome. Matthew Crosby and I spent the evening and most of the early early morning in Holland's Amsterdam. Wrote a bit at AMP, had a little picnic soiree with the beautiful Zazi girls and wandered about. Hope you guys had and will have a good one today.