First and foremost, Jake Etheridge is a writer.  Seeking truth, Jake's songs explore the depths of his own heart, and show an honest window into his victories and self inflicted downfalls.  He tells a story. Sometimes Jake's songs can be sweet, sometimes gritty; but always real. 

Jake is a member of the Dutch/American band The Common Linnets who's debut album went Triple Platinum in Holland and Gold in Germany and Austria.  The album went on to reach #5 in the world. 

I grew up in South Carolina in my family of musicians and now live in Nashville.

I love good stories. I couldn’t take a nap during the day if I tried. I think it’s best when driving back home to drive all night. Every now and again I can’t sleep until I write down and sing to what’s keeping me awake. These are those thoughts and stories. I hope very much that you like them.
— Jake